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Advancing Energy Solutions: Herbert Dwyer and Derek LaClair’s Visionary Leadership at EMPEQ

EMPEQ, co-founded by Herbert Dwyer, a service-disabled Marine veteran with an extensive background in the energy and critical infrastructure sectors, and Derek LaClair, a finance and real estate expert with deep roots in the Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (Upper Mohawk) Nation, is emerging as a leader in the realms of energy and equipment auditing software technology within the critical infrastructure industry. This unique partnership, born from a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, is propelling EMPEQ to the forefront of technological advancements in instant equipment insights. As esteemed members of the Tampa Bay Wave accelerator, EMPEQ benefits from a comprehensive support network that enhances its ability to make significant impacts across the industry.

The genesis of EMPEQ traces back to a chance encounter between Herbert and Derek, united by their mutual passion for groundbreaking, eco-friendly solutions. Inspired by their personal experiences—Herbert’s resilience honed in the Marines and Derek’s profound connection to his Indigenous roots—they set out to redefine the landscape of building and equipment audit software technology. From the outset, EMPEQ was poised to be a harbinger of innovation, simplifying the complex processes involved in assessing and implementing energy-efficient measures within buildings.

This vision materialized into an AI-driven platform that is revolutionizing the industry. Created after rigorous research and collaboration with over 120 contractors and engineering firms, EMPEQ’s platform streamlines the process of conducting equipment and building audits and generating proposals for energy efficient retrofits at commercial buildings. By utilizing AI to extract vital equipment data from photographs, and a mobile and cloud based platform to greatly increase workforce efficiency, EMPEQ significantly cuts down the time and expense traditionally associated with accessing high-level energy efficiency solutions.

The company’s flagship Fast Site Survey software solution epitomizes EMPEQ’s dedication to excellence and accessibility. This innovation allows auditors and engineers of varying expertise to perform thorough and precise building and equipment assessments, embodying a democratized approach to building upgrades and retrofits. Such advancements have refined the workflow for energy specialists and broadened the horizons of technology across numerous sectors.

EMPEQ’s contributions extend beyond the beachhead market of energy efficiency. In collaboration with the Air Force, the company’s cutting-edge technology addresses the challenge of suspect and defective parts within supply chains, offering quick, accurate insights into the reliability and condition of equipment and parts. This initiative underscores EMPEQ’s vital role in safeguarding the security and reliability of critical infrastructures.

Under the leadership of Herbert and Derek, EMPEQ navigates the fast-paced technological landscape with relentless innovation and a steadfast dedication to excellence. Their combined expertise—Herbert’s military, energy, and critical infrastructure sector experience, alongside Derek’s financial acumen and dedication to environmental sustainability—creates a dynamic force propelling forward the solutions they deliver.

As EMPEQ looks to the future, its influence on quickening the pace of energy efficient retrofits in commercial buildings continues to expand. Supported by the Tampa Bay Wave, Herbert, Derek, and their devoted team are ready to venture into new territories, advancing innovation and establishing new precedents in technology and efficiency. Their unwavering dedication to introducing groundbreaking solutions is reshaping the landscape of the industry and setting the stage for future advancements.

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