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Endeavor Miami Launches Spring 2024 Cohort, Spotlighting a Diverse Group of Visionary Entrepreneurs

Endeavor Miami, a global entrepreneurial support network cornerstone, proudly unveils its Spring 2024 ScaleUp cohort. This initiative spotlights 17 founders at the helm of 10 burgeoning companies, emphasizing Florida’s growing prominence as a hub for entrepreneurial innovation and growth. Since its inception in 2013, with backing from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Endeavor Miami has nurtured high-impact entrepreneurs poised to revolutionize industries and bolster economic development locally and internationally.

The Spring 2024 cohort is marked by its diversity, showcasing a 53% participation rate from entrepreneurs of underrepresented ethnic backgrounds and a notable 20% being women founders. This selection underlines the commitment of these visionaries to Miami, evidenced by 67% of them having relocated to the city within the past three years. This trend reinforces Miami’s appeal as an emerging epicenter for innovation and reflects the city’s dynamic and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Spanning vital sectors such as Fintech, Enterprise Software, Mobility & Supply Chain, and Healthcare, the cohort’s companies exemplify the breadth of innovation within South Florida’s economy. These enterprises, at varying stages of growth, have collectively experienced an impressive 250% growth rate, highlighting their resilience and adaptability in the post-COVID landscape. This cohort’s achievements are further underscored by their collective fundraising efforts, surpassing $35 million and facilitating expansion across the Americas and Europe. Employing nearly 240 individuals and generating over $17 million in revenue in 2023, these companies are on track to exceed $41 million this year, signifying their substantial economic impact on the region and affirming South Florida’s strategic importance as a launchpad for globally aspiring companies.

Among the standout participants are, leveraging patented 3D body-shape technology to revolutionize garment fitting; Haddy, transforming the furniture supply chain through applied additive manufacturing; and Infinity Doctors Inc, offering a comprehensive health platform for enterprises. KashIO introduces a platform for digital payments and bill automation in LATAM, while Koywe pioneers a Payment Ecosystem for cross-border businesses in Latin America. The woman-owned fem-tech startup Kushae, the logistics solution provider MagicLog, the digital presence optimizer RealGrader, the omnichannel platform Simplenight, and the data analytics tool Spontivly, round out this exceptional cohort, each contributing innovative solutions within their respective fields.

Endeavor Miami’s commitment to supporting these entrepreneurs extends beyond mere financial investment. By offering mentorship, access to an extensive network of industry leaders, and capital, Endeavor Miami catalyzes the success of these innovators, fostering job creation and innovation both within the region and on a global scale. This initiative not only amplifies the founders’ stories, sharing their successes and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, but also contributes significantly to the economic development of Florida and beyond.

As Endeavor Miami continues to support 35 companies and 60 entrepreneurs, the cumulative impact of its endeavors becomes increasingly evident. In 2023 alone, Miami’s Endeavor Entrepreneurs generated over $900 million in revenues. They employed more than 6,000 individuals, showcasing the transformative potential of committed and innovative entrepreneurship in shaping the future of business and society.

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