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Lauren Prager: Pioneering Community and Innovation in Florida’s Tech Landscape

Lauren Prager’s journey to becoming the CEO of Synapse Florida is a testament to her unwavering belief in the power of community and her remarkable ability to forge meaningful connections. From her early career in Washington D.C. as a lobbyist, educator and political organizer to her transformative role in Florida’s burgeoning tech scene, Prager’s story is one of passion, dedication and visionary leadership.

Early Beginnings: A Foundation in Advocacy and Community Building

Prager’s professional path began in the political arenas of Washington D.C., where she honed her skills in bipartisan support building, community engagement and education. Over a decade, she made significant impacts in both domestic and foreign policy issues, launching national community engagement initiatives and organizing educational programs that spanned across borders. Her efforts in these years were characterized by record achievements in fundraising, membership growth, retention and active community involvement.

Transition to Tech: From Volunteering to Leadership

The pivot to her involvement in Florida’s tech ecosystem came after a personal hiatus, during which Prager dedicated time to her family. The opportunity to volunteer with Synapse, a non-profit organization aimed at connecting Florida’s innovation talent, quickly turned from a part-time commitment to a full-time passion. Prager’s instrumental role in curating the content and programming for the inaugural Synapse Summit in 2018 marked the beginning of her new career trajectory, deeply intertwined with Florida’s innovation community.

Shaping Synapse: Strategy and Inclusion

As Synapse’s Chief Strategy Officer and later CEO, Prager has been at the forefront of catalyzing the growth and visibility of Florida’s tech and innovation sectors. Her strategic partnerships and initiatives have significantly contributed to building a statewide movement that showcases Florida as a hub of innovation. Prager’s dedication to inclusivity and diversity is evident in her work with the Synapse Impact Board’s Inclusion Lives Here Committee, further amplifying her commitment to creating an equitable tech ecosystem. Her certification in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace from the USF Muma College of Business underscores her dedication to fostering an inclusive community.

Beyond Synapse: Community Involvement and Personal Passions

Lauren Prager’s impact extends beyond her professional endeavors. A proud Philadelphian at heart, she has immersed herself in community initiatives in her adopted home of Tampa. As a certified Pilates instructor, music enthusiast and avid baker known for her challah, Prager balances her rigorous professional life with activities that feed her soul. Above all, her favorite moments are those spent with her husband and daughters, reflecting her deep-rooted values of family and community.

Lauren Prager’s leadership at Synapse Florida embodies the intersection of innovation, community and inclusivity. Her journey from political advocacy to spearheading Florida’s tech community’s growth highlights her unique ability to connect, engage and empower. As Synapse Florida continues to evolve under her guidance, Prager’s vision for a collaborative and inclusive tech ecosystem sets a new benchmark for leadership in the technology sector, especially as a woman and mother paving the way for future generations. Her story is a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have on shaping the futures of industries, communities and the next wave of leaders.

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