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Liza Marie-Garcia: From Never Drinking Coffee During a Business Meeting To Top Female Publisher

Liza Marie-Garcia, a prominent figure in Tampa’s publishing scene, has steered over 50 books to nationwide success through her dynamic journey in the literary world. Initially envisioning her debut book as “Inviting Change,” she held firm to the belief that it possessed the magnetic appeal necessary for widespread acclaim. However, her publisher held a different perspective. By immersing herself throughout multiple creative discovery lifecycles, they observed that while a chapter addressed this theme, the book’s entirety did not resonate with it. Yet, with a single adjustment to the title, the book surged in popularity as the masterpiece was named, “Never Drink Coffee During a Business Meeting – Insider Advice From A Top Female CEO.”

From orchestrating seamless collaboration amongst creative, editorial, and PR stakeholders to the simple act of renaming, her extensive expertise propelled her toward her latest venture, CEO Book Publishing. Attracting top executives seeking her branding prowess, the profound reflection embedded in her debut book serves as a microcosm for the guidance she imparts to aspiring authors within her literary community.

So, what about change? And what does it truly mean to embrace it?

“The concept is fundamental. As universally acknowledged, change stands as one of life’s enduring constants, alongside death and taxes,” sarcastically jokes Liza Marie-Garcia. Rather than merely adapting to corporate agility and market volatility, true leaders invite change, proactively preparing for emerging shifts.

A standout example of Liza’s business acumen lies in her handling of the transition to online virtual project management. Drawing from her background in enterprise technology and a penchant for innovation, she was an early adopter in this cultural adaptation. Recognizing the need not only to anticipate but also to self-educate, she pioneered her team toward efficient virtual management practices, showcasing their readiness for change.

This strategic pivot bore fruit, with their Fortune 500 clients continuing to entrust them with business for years, surpassing competitors. The imperative for accepting change resonates deeply when reassessing entrenched business practices or policies. Business strategists universally advocate for embracing disruption in order to drive continuous improvement across all facets of operations.

This pursuit transcends mere efficiency gains; it safeguards against obsolescence in a rapidly evolving marketplace, ensuring alignment with evolving client needs.The acknowledgment that permanence is but an illusion forms the cornerstone of embracing change. While not universally implemented, this mindset often crystallizes in seasoned professionals who have weathered the storm of unexpected shifts. Through firsthand experience, they glean wisdom, not merely preparing for change but actively welcoming it into every aspect of their professional endeavors.

Book publishing executives can offer valuable insight to a corporate ecosystem by leveraging their experience in navigating diverse markets and audiences. Their understanding of storytelling and narrative structure can help corporations communicate their brand identity and values effectively. Additionally, they illuminate content creation, editing, and distribution, which are essential for crafting compelling corporate communications and marketing materials. Moreover, their knowledge of industry trends and audience preferences can inform corporate strategies, ensuring alignment with market demands. By collaborating with book publishing executives, corporations can infuse creativity and authenticity into their messaging, enhancing their overall brand perception and engagement with stakeholders.

See Liza Marie-Garcia continue to spread her insight at Tampa’s upcoming Social Entrepreneur Summit on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. More info here:

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