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Maria Matarelli: Agile Innovator and Inspirational Leader

Maria Matarelli stands at the forefront of the Agile movement, seamlessly blending her expertise in project management with a passion for fostering efficiency and innovation in the corporate world. As the President of Formula Ink, Matarelli has carved a niche as a sought-after international business consultant, Agile Coach, and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), guiding companies from diverse sectors to achieve true agility and remarkable growth​​.

Pioneering Agile Beyond IT

Matarelli’s journey in the Agile space extends beyond the confines of IT project management, embracing areas such as marketing and personal development. Her work has led to the co-founding of the Agile Marketing Academy, aiming to revolutionize marketing strategies with Agile methodologies. This initiative reflects her belief in the universality of Agile principles and their applicability across different business domains​​.

Empowering Individuals and Organizations

Through her involvement with the Personal Agility Institute, Matarelli has been instrumental in helping individuals and organizations prioritize what truly matters, using Agile to enhance personal and professional growth. Her efforts underscore a commitment to shifting organizational cultures towards more dynamic and responsive modes of operation​​.

A Global Speaker and Trainer

Matarelli’s reputation as a dynamic speaker and effective trainer is well-earned, with her presentations and workshops inspiring audiences worldwide. From New York to Hawaii, Sweden to Istanbul, her message of innovation, efficiency, and empowerment resonates across borders. Her keynote topics, such as Leadership Agility and Figuring out the Work-Life Puzzle, challenge attendees to rethink conventional approaches and strive for excellence​​​​.

A Published Author with a Message

As a published author, Matarelli has contributed to several works that explore the nuances of navigating the modern business landscape, personal branding, and overcoming challenges. Her book, “Workaholic? A 12-Step Guide to Having a Life and Getting Things Done,” offers insights into achieving a sustainable pace, emphasizing the importance of enjoying life while being productive​​.

Inspiring Leadership and Vision

Matarelli’s leadership extends to her involvement with non-profit groups and professional organizations, where she has held various roles that amplify her impact on the community. Her efforts in developing elite speakers and fostering professional growth among her peers exemplify her dedication to elevating those around her​​.

Maria Matarelli’s multifaceted career is a testament to her ability to lead, inspire, and drive change. Her work with Formula Ink and her advocacy for Agile methodologies across different sectors showcase her as a pivotal figure in today’s fast-paced business environment. For those looking to learn more about her and possibly engage her expertise, Matarelli’s comprehensive approach to business consulting, speaking, and training can offer invaluable insights and strategies for success.

For further information, you can explore her insights and methodologies directly through her official website and Formula Ink’s page.

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