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Pioneering Innovation and Mobility: The Journey of Cesar Hernandez, CEO of Omni Public

Cesar Hernandez’s trajectory from the streets of Brooklyn to the forefront of Tampa Bay’s tech scene is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of community. As the CEO of Omni Public, Hernandez has not only carved a niche in the realms of public affairs and tech consultancy but has also been instrumental in fostering Tampa Bay’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.

From Brooklyn to Tampa: A Story of Resilience

Hernandez’s story begins in Brooklyn, New York, where he navigated the complexities of urban life as a first-generation American of Mayan immigrants from Guatemala. Facing adversities from a young age, including homelessness and legal challenges, he demonstrated remarkable resilience. His journey took a pivotal turn when he decided to relocate to Tampa, Florida, seeking a fresh start and the promise of a brighter future. His transition from struggling to find his path in Brooklyn to becoming a student body president at the University of South Florida highlights his incredible capacity for transformation and leadership​​.

Omni Public: Bridging Tech and Community

Founded by Hernandez, Omni Public is a testament to his vision of integrating technology with public affairs to create meaningful community impacts. The firm specializes in tech PR, media relations, and government relations, helping to navigate the complex interplay between innovation, policy, and public perception. Hernandez’s background in government work, including his tenure with the City Council of Tampa and the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit authority, has imbued him with a deep understanding of how to foster collaborations between the tech sector and government bodies​​​​.

Championing Tech and Mobility in Tampa Bay

Hernandez’s work extends beyond Omni Public. He has been a driving force in Tampa Bay’s tech and mobility initiatives, advocating for innovative transportation solutions and supporting tech startups through various roles, including his involvement with the Tampa Bay Wave and Synapse Florida. His efforts have not only contributed to the region’s reputation as a tech hub but have also showcased the critical role of public-private partnerships in driving technological advancement and urban development​​.

A Vision for the Future

Today, Hernandez’s influence can be felt across Tampa Bay’s tech landscape. His dedication to community, innovation, and mobility reflects a broader commitment to using technology as a force for good, bridging gaps between different sectors, and building a more connected, sustainable future. As Tampa Bay continues to evolve as a center of innovation, Hernandez’s journey from a troubled youth in Brooklyn to a celebrated tech leader in Tampa Bay stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and community leaders alike.

Cesar Hernandez’s story is a powerful reminder of how determination, a commitment to community, and a passion for innovation can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and impact. His work with Omni Public and involvement in Tampa Bay’s tech scene underscore the potential for tech and public affairs to converge in creating more inclusive, innovative communities.

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