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Q&A With Steve Presser, President of BeniComp

In this engaging Q&A, we sit down with Steve Presser, whose unique blend of artistic sensibility and innovative prowess is forging new paths at BeniComp. Steve’s approach is distinct: he integrates his creative background with cutting-edge healthcare solutions to redefine wellness and insurance. Throughout the discussion, Steve sheds light on how this fusion influences BeniComp’s operational strategies and impacts employee health outcomes. Delve into the transformative vision and strategic initiatives that are setting new standards in the healthcare industry with Steve’s insightful perspectives.

  1. Transformational Vision: Steve, you’ve taken a distinctive approach by integrating your artistic background with healthcare innovation at BeniComp. How do you believe your unique perspective has shaped the company’s approach to health insurance and employee wellness?

Steve: Healthcare in America is both broken and behind the times. So many other industries have been disrupted by technologies that simplify complex problems and create exceptional member experiences. At BeniComp we focus on disrupting a convoluted industry by creating simple, beautiful, intuitive member experiences that work and that people can understand.

  1. Preventive Health Focus: BeniComp places a significant emphasis on prevention and empowering individuals with health data. Could you explain how this approach differs from traditional health insurance models and the impact it has had on employee health outcomes?

Steve: The healthcare system is primarily focused on diagnosing and prescribing after people are already sick. Insurance companies are primarily focused on negotiating and paying overpriced claims. As a third party administrator we work on behalf of the employer group and their employees to focus on the root cause. Our plans provide employees with annual health screenings that allow us to identify health risks early and then provide predictive health management and health coaching at no cost to the employee. This removes costly barriers to entry and allows members to get started on their health journey.

  1. Technological Integration: With your deep roots in technology and art, how has BeniComp leveraged technology to enhance preventive health measures, and what role does software play in your strategy?

Steve: The healthcare industry is one of the most complex, inefficient industries in America. I immediately incorporated software development into our DNA to go paperless, automate manual processes, and develop efficiencies that ultimately resulted in a 90% reduction of operational cost. This allowed us to heavily invest in member experience, risk analysis tools, and new cost-containment relationships to save employers and their employees millions each year.

  1. Cultural Influence: You’ve emphasized a strong company culture that balances work and life, along with fostering creativity. How has this culture influenced the operational and strategic decisions at BeniComp, and what are some examples of how it has driven innovation within the company?

Steve: Every year we hold innovation contests with the entire company. Divisional leaders work with people who they don’t typically engage with, and we always come up with ideas or solutions that help shape our business. We empower employees to be “intrapraneurs” and develop new concepts with very little red tape. Promising ideas are quickly moved to our development pipeline, and often lead to employees taking on new roles within the company.

  1. Future Directions: Looking ahead, how do you envision the future of healthcare and insurance in the context of technological advancement and preventive strategies? What plans does BeniComp have to further revolutionize these sectors?

Steve: Historically smaller companies had very few health insurance options, and larger companies were pushed to expensive, conservative solutions. With products like BeniComp IncentiCare, companies of all sizes will have access to better care at an affordable price, and employees will be empowered with early detection and prevention. We currently work with several AI tools on a daily basis, but I’m interested to see what the future holds for both wearable technology and artificial intelligence. Preventive health teams will receive ongoing health insights to provide minor adjustments that result in major improvements to healthy living and quality of life.

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