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Sheri Chaney Jones and SureImpact: Pioneering Data-Driven Social Innovation

In the evolving landscape of social sector innovation, Sheri Chaney Jones and her visionary enterprise, SureImpact, are redefining the boundaries of data-driven change. With a mission deeply rooted in the transformative power of analytics, SureImpact has emerged as a way of innovation, demonstrating how strategic use of data can catalyze profound social and environmental progress. 

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Revolutionizing Health: The Twin Scientists Leading a Global Wellness Transformation

Twin sisters Viktoriya and Oksana Gruzdyn are creating a radical approach to health and wellness that’s catching the world’s attention. With backgrounds in immunology and a personal quest that transformed into a global mission, these two scientists are not just in the business of healing; they’re reshaping how we think about our bodies’ capabilities to overcome chronic conditions.

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“TE Full Throttle” Event to Ignite Tampa’s Entrepreneurial Engine

Tampa’s entrepreneurial landscape is about to experience a significant boost with the upcoming “TE Full Throttle” event, organized by Tampa Entrepreneurs. Scheduled for the evening of March 14, 2024, at the Motor Enclave in Tampa, Florida, this gathering is designed to fuel connections and inspire innovation within the local business community, all within the electrifying atmosphere of automotive passion.


Advancing Energy Solutions: Herbert Dwyer and Derek LaClair’s Visionary Leadership at EMPEQ

EMPEQ, co-founded by Herbert Dwyer, a service-disabled Marine veteran with an extensive background in the energy and critical infrastructure sectors, and Derek LaClair, a finance and real estate expert with deep roots in the Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (Upper Mohawk) Nation, is emerging as a leader in the realms of energy and equipment auditing software technology within the critical infrastructure industry.